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This weekend, 6th, 7th, 8th of November, here in Carcassonne was the Fête des Saveurs… and what a fête it was!

On Friday night we didn’t go to the fête des saveurs, we headed off to the lycée where a few of the other assistants live, and they held a soirée italienne. Miam! They prepared some fabulously yummy food, we talked, ate and drank various wines. It was a lovely evening. I awoke on Saturday completely unaware of how amazing this weekend was going to be. I did some washing, planned some lessons and swept my floor then I received a text telling me that people were heading to the fête des saveurs! I headed out to join them and that’s when my amazing weekend started.

On entering the Salle du Dôme, I paid €5 for a weekend ticket for the festival and as I stepped into the huge room full of stalls, food, wine and people I was initially a tad overwhelmed. There was so much and it was difficult to know where to start! Wine. That’s where we started, a helpful and friendly American man explained wine to us and we tasted it. Then we headed off to the food stalls and also to have some champagne.


Colourful ice cream!

Pastry Eiffel Tower.


Today we went again to the fête des saveurs, pourquoi pas?! This time I took much more money and ended up buying some yummy fromage, biscuits et truffles. I’m so excited to eat them (I’ve already had a truffle, but don’t tell anyone).

I wish they held more events like this in the UK, or, if they exist already, just advertise them better. Things like this make life better, a cheap (well only if you don’t have a wallet bigger than your belly) and cheerful day out for everyone, just on your doorstep! Miam-miam.


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Today started off really productive. Despite being the first weekday of the Toussaint holidays and the fact I was out last night, I was up and out by 11am. Finished my essay, filled out my erasmus forms and sent them all off. I received a knock on the door at about 2pm inviting me to Place Carnot for a coffee with some others and whilst we were sat a man strolled over and asked “Do you speak English?” We replied “yes” waiting for him to perhaps ask us a question, instead he said “You are bastards!” and strolled off again glaring at us over his shoulder.  If anyone has any ideas on why we may be bastards for being English in France then feel free to let me know!

This week I’m feeling a little bit more at home in my French surroundings. I’m feeling lucky to be able to stroll down to the bakery to get a fresh baguette or to nip into Marché plus for a bottle of €2 wine and some yummy cheese. It leads me to believe that it is when I’m put into situations where I feel under pressure or judged that I feel weak and that I need to leave the country asap.

On another note we get paid sometime soon. It may well be the most financially stable I’ve been in a long time. No overdraft in my French or English account, minimal money needed to pay rent, thanks to the amazing CAF. I’m looking forward to seeing the nice numbers on my online banking!

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How could I forget!? 15th October – 17th October. Fête du vin in Place Carnot, Carcassonne. Whilst being tiring, it was an amazing three nights. Live music, dancing dans les rues, talking to many people, feeling like a community and of course tasting lots of lovely French wine. It was all so nice and I’m glad that I went to each of the three nights.

A few of us at the Fête du Vin

A few of us at the Fête du Vin

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I started writing the first of my 6 assignments, for the year abroad, the other day. The idea of this blog was to help me write my assignments but it just isn’t doing. I’m no good at reflection really, well, not in the way university wants me to reflect anyway. They are asking me to look back on my experiences so far, describe them and then how I overcame problems or came about having a good time. The thing is, I can’t write “well the way I overcame my problem was by having a complete mental breakdown, searching the Ryanair website for flights home and then being made to stay here as a result of no flights back.” That just is not what they’re looking for, and whilst I am enjoying myself right now I do feel that the only way, so far, I have found to overcome my problems is to meltdown and try to get out of the country. Failing to do that is what is keeping me here during hard times.

Anyway, the other day we had a nice evening out, which, in England it would have seemed relatively mundane. We headed for a pizza at a restaurant and then to the cinema. The fact that the cinema was a French cinema, with French films was what brings the excitement, rather than being an easy-to-do evening it was a cultural explosion. We watched a film called “Rien de personnel”, on leaving the cinema we appeared to have the gist of the film but would, in no way, be able to explain it in any depth, let alone to any cinematographic extent. A company was being evaluated, a rumour was stared, people tried to save their own skins – that’s it. When I got in and searched for the film on imdb it was summarised as this;

“A pharmaceutical company throws a gala party where all the employees from the top to the bottom are invited. Asked to participate in a role playing game which is actually a massive training simulation for the management team, rumors begin to circulate the the company may be acquired and everyone begins vying to save his or her own skin.”

Not far off with my gist thus encouraging thirst for more French films at the French cinema. I’m pretty sure Tuesday could become cinema night… especially with the acti-card(?) that we’re going to get – €1 movie tickets? Yes please!

Tomorrow I have the school that I dread the most. I’m prepared for the class that I take alone, this week. Halloween wordsearches, Halloween flashcards and a Halloween poem. I also intend on rewarding exceptional behaviour with British 1p and 2p coins. In theory, they should love me after tomorrow’s lesson. We’ll see! I have wine and a bottle opener just in case it goes not dissimilarly to last week!

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