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We all know the old saying, ‘time flies when you’re having fun’, and it’s true. It does. I’m having fun and time is flying – it’s such an unfair concept!

Each time I stop to think about the near future I feel very shocked. I have  7 weeks left of teaching here in Carcassonne, 2 of those weeks are holidays that I will spend visiting friends in Hull before they graduate (!!!). Mental. It doesn’t seem two minutes ago that I was moving into the foyer, fretting over lesson plans and organising my new French life. Now it’s nearly the end. Of course after my 7 weeks left of teaching I will stay in Carcassonne for a few more weeks but I intend to be home for the start of June. My 21st (another sign that time is flying) and the End of Year Ball… my 3rd End of Year Ball. Only one more left after that and then I’ll be graduating too. Scary!

What will I do with my life when I’m not a student anymore. If I was made of money I’d continue being a student for the rest of eternity. Sadly I’m not and one day I’m going to find a job, a house, a husband and children. I mean have children, not find them. Don’t worry, I’m not going to go nab a few from the town centre. It scares me to think that soon my whole life will actually go into a new phase (stealing that word from Mia’s latest blog as it is the best way to explain it) however, as much as it scares me I am so excited for it. Bring on the future!


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