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When I first arrived here in France I thought that the measures that were being put in place, regarding Grippe A, were pretty radical – and not necessarily in a bad way, either. Reading the BBC news and seeing one more person added to the Swine Flu death toll most days made me wonder if England was being as pre-cautious.

Today, at approximately 6pm I got a phone call from the directrice of one of my schools informing me that the school will be closed as a result of grippe A. Zut alors, those kids were near me less than a week ago – giving me bisous and hugs. I feel a flu coming along all of a sudden. Ha. No, pas vraiment! Je suis en forme, I’m fine! However at my schools for the next few weeks I shall be holding a slightly “ne me touche pas” stance. Hearing the stories of people with underlying illnesses or stories of people that had illnesses in the past that affected their immune system thus resulting in death or near death makes me paranoid. What if my heart condition + H1N1/09 = death? I’ve had no heart problems since being about 12 so I’m being slightly hypochondriac and conditional here, but it just makes you wonder if the number of precautions you put in place can really make a difference. The school which is closed for the moment due to the illness had previously enforced rules regarding hand washing, sneezing into tissues and then disposing of them in a sanitary way, being at home if illness was severe/potentially swine flu. So it’s an eye opener to see that we’re not always as safe and healthy as we think we are going to be as a result of putting precautions in place.

For now though I’m going to stick to my “ne me touche pas” stance, my eating very many vegetables and being generally healthy. Maybe I’ll buy some vitamins and minerals… too far? Yes. Thought so.


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I only have 3 things to say and none of them are of any great importance, but I’m still going  to blog them, I’ll bullet point them I think.

I feel like I’m slowly becoming French. I’m being greeted with “coucou” and kisses on the cheeks are becoming more frequent (even despite the huge panic about grippe A (swine flu) in France), I’m hanging out at the same places as some of the teachers and I’m beginning to think of words in French before the English word comes to me!

I’m giving everything, but I’m not giving up! I can’t remember where I heard this phrase but I love it, very inspirational and motivational. I’ve wanted to pack this thing in so many times but I’m pushing myself, I will not give up, I’ll give everything but up!

Flashcards and classroom props. Making them is more fun than it should be, really.

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