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This past week I have been in agony. I’m pretty much incapable of walking anywhere as my right foot is pretty douloureux.

After trying to rest for most of the week, which happens to be the week of half-term – GREAT :/,  I decided to go to the doctors. Yesterday I rang a number which I presumed to be the doctors only to find out I’d made an appointment for health insurance cue “puis j’annuler la rendez-vous s’il vous plait, j’ai fait une erreur”. Okay. Appointment cancelled. So I rang the correct place and asked if I could have an appointment with an English speaking doctor. Sorted. 10h45, vendredi matin.

I turned up to the doctors and after checking in at reception I sat in the waiting room for what didn’t seem all that long. The doctor came out a few times calling for, what I  thought sounded like, “madame wyse” – she just wasn’t there. Fancy that! Making an appointment and not turning up without cancelling! Then a few minutes later the receptionist came over and asked what my surname was, I told her and then spelt it out for her too and she explained that she’d taken it down wrong and the “madame wyse” that the doctor was calling for was actually me. O dear. What an error. I could hear mutters of “elle est anglais” from across the waiting room. YES I MIGHT BE ANGLAIS BUT THAT DOESN’T MEAN I DON’T UNDERSTAND YOUR FRANÇAIS RAMBLINGS ABOUT FOREIGNERS.

Eventually I got seen by the doctor who was very nice and without even realising it I was describing my foot pain and explaining what I thought was the cause, all in French!!! I felt so proud of myself. I hadn’t prepared myself for this French speaking extravaganza – I simply imagined I’d stroll in and tell the doctor what was wrong with my foot in English and he would say “ee by gum that sounds reet bad, ‘ave some tablets” – but no. Fully French appointment; French explanation, French diagnosis, French prescription, French everything! I hobbled out of the doctors room feeling smug that the “fille anglais” just had a successful, fully French speaking doctors appointment. Paid at the receptions desk and then headed to the pharmacie.

Now I’m sat in bed, doing just as the doctor orderd. Resting my foot. “REPOSE” is what he said to me as I left his room, and that is what I shall do. I’m sad that I will be missing out on the Halloween weekend. I shan’t be going to Toulouse with people from my foyer like originally planned and I shan’t be going to the bar down the road for a Halloween knees up. I shall be sat in bed, with my foot on a pillow watching American and English films dubbed in French on my new little French television and making lesson plans.

Not the Toussaint that I imagined I’d be having but hey ho life goes on.


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I started writing the first of my 6 assignments, for the year abroad, the other day. The idea of this blog was to help me write my assignments but it just isn’t doing. I’m no good at reflection really, well, not in the way university wants me to reflect anyway. They are asking me to look back on my experiences so far, describe them and then how I overcame problems or came about having a good time. The thing is, I can’t write “well the way I overcame my problem was by having a complete mental breakdown, searching the Ryanair website for flights home and then being made to stay here as a result of no flights back.” That just is not what they’re looking for, and whilst I am enjoying myself right now I do feel that the only way, so far, I have found to overcome my problems is to meltdown and try to get out of the country. Failing to do that is what is keeping me here during hard times.

Anyway, the other day we had a nice evening out, which, in England it would have seemed relatively mundane. We headed for a pizza at a restaurant and then to the cinema. The fact that the cinema was a French cinema, with French films was what brings the excitement, rather than being an easy-to-do evening it was a cultural explosion. We watched a film called “Rien de personnel”, on leaving the cinema we appeared to have the gist of the film but would, in no way, be able to explain it in any depth, let alone to any cinematographic extent. A company was being evaluated, a rumour was stared, people tried to save their own skins – that’s it. When I got in and searched for the film on imdb it was summarised as this;

“A pharmaceutical company throws a gala party where all the employees from the top to the bottom are invited. Asked to participate in a role playing game which is actually a massive training simulation for the management team, rumors begin to circulate the the company may be acquired and everyone begins vying to save his or her own skin.”

Not far off with my gist thus encouraging thirst for more French films at the French cinema. I’m pretty sure Tuesday could become cinema night… especially with the acti-card(?) that we’re going to get – €1 movie tickets? Yes please!

Tomorrow I have the school that I dread the most. I’m prepared for the class that I take alone, this week. Halloween wordsearches, Halloween flashcards and a Halloween poem. I also intend on rewarding exceptional behaviour with British 1p and 2p coins. In theory, they should love me after tomorrow’s lesson. We’ll see! I have wine and a bottle opener just in case it goes not dissimilarly to last week!

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