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So today is the start of my last week of teaching and it’s been emotional already. After hearing the news I was leaving the CM2s (year 6) asked if I was leaving because I was pregnant “t’es enceinte ou quoi?” (I hope I’m not THAT fat) I had to explain that no I wasn’t pregnant and it was just the end of my contract. I told my favourite class in my favourite school, my so so funny CM1s (year 4/5) that it was my last week and they let out a huge cry of “nnnnoooooooo” and I wanted to be like “JUST JOKING” and then stay forever, but sadly that’s not to be, so they set about writing me little leaving notes most of which said “tu vas nous manquer” (we’re going to miss you) and “on ne t’oublierai jamais” (we’ll never forget you). However one note off a kid who called me “Sarah” (the name of the past assistant)  all year because he thought it was hilarious and told me he wouldn’t stop unless I tattooed Rebecca on my face (not happening) wrote me a lovely note;

“dommage que tu par tu vas nous manquer tu était tres tres tres gentille et tu nous apprens beaucoup de chose tu vas me manquer j’aimerai que tu reste a carcassonne encore des millier de jours je t’aime rébéca tu restera toujours dans mon coeur même si tu par”

“It’s a shame that you’re leaving, we’re going to miss you. You were very very very nice and you taught us a lot of things. I am going to miss you, I would like for you to stay in Carcassonne for thousands more days. Love you Rebecca, you will always stay in my heart, even though you are leaving”

How cute!!! I am so happy to have had such a positive influence on the lives of these children. I am very much definitely going to cry on Friday when I have to say my final farewells.


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