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I only have 3 things to say and none of them are of any great importance, but I’m still going  to blog them, I’ll bullet point them I think.

I feel like I’m slowly becoming French. I’m being greeted with “coucou” and kisses on the cheeks are becoming more frequent (even despite the huge panic about grippe A (swine flu) in France), I’m hanging out at the same places as some of the teachers and I’m beginning to think of words in French before the English word comes to me!

I’m giving everything, but I’m not giving up! I can’t remember where I heard this phrase but I love it, very inspirational and motivational. I’ve wanted to pack this thing in so many times but I’m pushing myself, I will not give up, I’ll give everything but up!

Flashcards and classroom props. Making them is more fun than it should be, really.


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