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I have a back up plan for everything… well so I thought until this evening. When I leave university I have a back up plan if the language sector suddenly dies out or something like that. I have a back up plan when it comes to organising a day out. I’m full of back up plans!

Sadly I did not have a back up plan when I finally got my pin through in the post and immediately rushed out to put ALL my money into my account. I never realised that it may take days to go through the system and now I’m left with a huge worry that I will be living off the few cents I have in my purse until it does go through… which is a pain because my rent is meant to go out of my account tomorrow too.

Thus panic ensues. What will I do if she demands money? What will I do if I go overdrawn and they charge me stupid amounts of money? What if my money is actually lost in the system? Of course none of the above will actually happen but irrational is my middle name somedays.

With the help of my mum and dad I now have a back up plan. A complete plan of action that I will put into action tomorrow morning. Panic over. Moral of this blog entry? Always have a back up plan!!!


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