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Today we took the bus to the supermarket, Leclerc, it’s much more fun than a trip around Tescos with your mum! This time, however, my friend, a fellow assistant d’angalis told me she’d invited an assistant d’allemande… which, if you haven’t already guessed meant the language of necessity today would be French, the mutual language. The fear hit me and I was worried that they’d all think I was rubbish at French, however as we met her at the bus stop things went smoothly… and continued smoothly through the whole day until I was telling stories and making statements in French to the English assistants whilst we sipped our limonade in Place Carnot, even after the German assistant had gone back to her apartment! What a result! Confidence boost affirmative!

Place Carnot.

Place Carnot.

Tomorrow at my logements there’s a petite boum (party) for everyone who lives here as the recent influx of new residents means that not many people know each other. Drink is provided but we were told it would be nice to make a cake or something to bring with us. Error. We have no ovens in this accommodation!!! Alas me and my friend decided the only option was to head to trusty Monoprix and found a big fat frozen chocolate cake which we will defrost tomorrow and try to pass off as our own, haa fat chance of that, looking at the instructions in French we’re not even sure how to defrost it properly yet. Hm, I’m sure it will be a learning curve!

Tomorrow I have a full day at my 3rd school, the one I haven’t visited yet and therefore the one that I am the most scared of. I’m sure that it will all just go fine though, especially after my confidence hike!


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I think the part that any year abroad student dreads is the first time you need to phone a French person. I know it fills me with absolute dread, back at home I can phone people here, there and everywhere, speaking to complete strangers over the phone sorting things out is simple. Here it’s a different story.

The problem with using the telephone is that you can’t rely on using any body language, hand gestures or facial movements to help you get your point across, it’s simply the power of language and that comes with the potential problem of a huge language barrier. I think I’ve found the solution though.

Before any phone call I make I write down exactly what I want to say and then write down keywords that I might expect to hear from the other side and hey presto it’s almost as if I’m reading off a script. I’ve made 2 phone calls today to teachers and secretaries of the schools I’ll be at and am still in one piece with all of the information I need. Perhaps it’s not so hard after all. It’s all in the preparation and, relating back to my first post, feeling of achievement!

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